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The opinions of Mackie’s friends and customers really matter to us which is why we want to hear from you.


Fill out the simple form below to give us your reviews — we’d love to hear about what you like the best about Mackie’s ice cream and chocolate range (Crisps too – but that’s over here) Do you have a favourite flavour ? What did you like (or not like ?!) about our range ? `What makes you go ‘mmmmm’? Or you could tell us your ideas for any new and unusual flavours you would like to see Mackie’s make next!


Mackie's Traditional ice cream

The best ice cream in Britain

Honestly — this is the best ice cream I have tasted in Britain. I guess the best description would be ‘pur...

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Honestly — this is the best ice cream I have tasted in Britain. I guess the best description would be ‘pure’.


It's simple, but not plain. It doesn't have irritating, overwhelming flavours, it's not too sweet. It's simply perfect. Thank you so much for producing it.

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Feel free to get involved. It's your chance to have your say and let us know what you think. Feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions, photographs, recommendations and reviews and other feedback. You're always welcome to send any message to us here or on the general contact form. We are grateful for your time spent sending messages to Mackie's.


For the 'Have your say' section of our site, your suggestion is then emailed to us. Mackie's Moderator will look at all submissions received and you will be informed by email if we are adding it to the website. This email may request contact details for receipt of any reward. Your submission will be captioned with only your name and city identifying you as the submitter on the website.


The reward for successful submissions are as described on the website, it is normally a voucher for free produce. Mackie's have discretion on whether to send a bag of crisps or a voucher which can be exchanged in any stockist for a free bag of crisps.


Please ensure that you have consent of any people shown in photographs for submission to the site. Please note that we may have to ask proof of that before posting.


There is no guarantee that all submissions will be used. Mackie's Moderator will be final judge of whether to use any submissions for the website. No correspondence will be entered into on that topic. No response or explanation will be sent to duplicate recipes or messages, or any unsuitable or offensive materials received.


If you'd like to receive a response, then please remember to provide your email address. We don't keep your details if you choose to submit ideas or messages on the websites. In order to hear from us in the longer term with ongoing news and updates, we invite you to join the Friends of Mackie's email club, and if you do, we will send you an invitation to confirm registration as a Friend of Mackie's.

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