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Read on to discover all of Mackie’s new and exciting happenings at the farm and beyond. This section will allow you to find out about Mackie’s exciting projects, new products, ice cream and chocolate flavours, and all our other goings on.


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Rocket Post Offer

Let your imagination fly & tell us where you would like to send a rocket packed with Mackie’s ice cream! All you have to do is write a postcard to send with your #mackiesrocket. The PRIZE is a free year supply of Mackie’s ice cream for the winner and the chance to send someone a real delivery of Mackie’s ice cream! Visit our Facebook for details - and inspiration from other budding rocketeers!  TO ENTER just share your #mackiesrocket message and destination with us (on FB or email with your message or to request a template postcard). We’re looking forward to hearing from you! This offer is inspired by our sponsorship of the National Theatre of Scotland - ROCKET POST production.

Rocket Post

Look out for ROCKET POST by the National Theatre of Scotland – as their team of mad scientists will be on tour around Scotland from 23rd September for a month. Suitable for all ages and budding rocketeers – age 6 + - they’re telling the true story of an eccentric scientist who tried to send the post by Rocket from the island of Scarp to Harris. Full of humour, fun, songs, and a bright new future which explodes. Buy tickets and find out more here. We’re delighted to be involved as a sponsor and we are going to have some fun with #mackiesrocket!

New Limited Edition Flavour

our new limited edition flavour for autumn is an indulgent Caramel Biscotti - a caramel flavoured ice cream with a crisp biscotti crumble - designed to brighten the months of winter with the comforting sweetness of caramel and crunch of Italian biscotti. Available first in Scottish Tesco stores from 20th September.

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