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Primetime Tribute

Our late father & Chairman has been honoured with a mouth-watering dessert featured on the popular BBC2 show, ‘The Great British Menu’.  Last weeks episode included footage featured a visit to Westertown by local chef Michael Bremner’s visit to learn more about the vision of his chosen ‘local hero’, Maitland Mackie CBE - the founder of Mackie’s of Scotland.  


Lifetime Supply of Ice Cream Winner

Rosemary Yeldham, a self-proclaimed gelato aficionado, will now be enjoying a year supply of ice cream for life. By joining our Friends of Mackie's Rosemary was automatically entered into the competition to celebrate our 30 years of making ice cream and we are adding a little extra happiness - we are going to keep picking a winner from our fully registered Friends each month and send them a Free Year of Ice Cream (until December 2016). 

Mac Mackie with 30th Birthday Tub

30th Birthday Tub

Look out for our special edition tub to celebrate our 30th birthday! We've been making ice cream since 1986. Some of you will remember that the upper part of the design is a copy of the branding on our first tubs. Thanks to Hampton Associates in Aberdeen for bringing the design back to life. We are looking forward to sharing some ice cream memories and some special celebratory activity with everyone this summer!

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