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Jamie Lee and ChocoGayle land sweetest job

Jamie Lee and ChocoGayle land sweetest job

We’ve made the final sweetest selection of the best candidate for the sweetest job in the world! ..and we are very pleased to announce that our two finalists, Jamie Lee and ChocoGayle, have both agreed to be appointed as Mackie’s JOINT CHIEF CHOCOLATE TASTERS!


Sicilian Lemon

Apparently scientists have established that citrus fragrances - particularly the smell of lemons  - stimulates the part of the human brain that makes us feel good and boosts positive moods. So surely the combination of Mackie's ice cream and Sicilian lemon is going to make you feel instantly happy?! Why not try it!? Our new Sicilian Lemon & Meringue flavour should be available in Tesco Scotland stores this week.

Spring Sunshine

The spring sunshine is very welcome on the farm - for sowing, the solar panels, general good humour and it's good weather for ice cream making and eating! Tuesday 19th April was the sunniest day so far this year - with our solar panels generating almost 11,500kWh of solar electricity. That's enough to keep the ice cream dairy and new chocolate factory going for the day.

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