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Visit from the First Minister

This is the annual ‘living wage week’, with announcement of new rates, & various activity included a visit to Westertown by the First Minister  - in support of our recent accreditation as “living wage” employers  and our official commitment to the Scottish Business Pledge.  She toured the ice cream dairy, tried some of next year’s flavours in the development kitchen (& approved of the lemon option!), saw honeycomb and ice cream tubs being made and visited the chocolate factory (it’s nearly ready!).  


The sun is shining and the grid is on!

We are going to make electricity while the sun shines! We are all set to switch on the grid to our new solar PV farm today as the installation of almost 7,000 panels is complete. Mackie's solar panel farm is the largest in Scotland to date. Our total production capacity is now 10.5million kWh of green electricity a year from our renewables mix of biomass, solar and wind turbines.

Mackie's Chocolate now available online

Mackie's chocolate is now available to buy direct in a little introductory pack of four flavours or a big box of 15 bars. Price of delivery ranges from £1.92 to £2.48 per bar in total after postage, dependent on type and quantity. At the moment we can only post to UK addresses. Visit our online store for more details

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