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Read on to discover all of Mackie’s new and exciting happenings at the farm and beyond. This section will allow you to find out about Mackie’s exciting projects, new products, ice cream and chocolate flavours, and all our other goings on.


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Mackie's Chocolate

Mackie’s new range of chocolate bars are being unwrapped - at first on our taste test tours around Scotland next week. The new range is reminiscent of Mackie’s established ice cream flavours – Traditional Milk Chocolate (featuring a hint of Scottish Malt), Milk Chocolate with Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate (70%) and Dark Chocolate with Scottish Mint.


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Fire on the Farm

We confirm that a straw chopper went on fire this afternoon. David Hay, our farm manager was on the scene and able to ensure that the chopper was in an isolated, safe area before the fire took hold. The machine, known as “big bertha” chops straw bales for mixing into the silage food mix for the cows. We thank the local fire services for their speedy attendance and getting the fire under control within a very short time. We confirm that no one has been injured, all staff and the cows are safe and further that no ice cream has melted during the incident!

Mackie's ice cream - in the mix

Mix it with Mackie's

We encourage you to have fun with your ice cream. You can allow your Traditional (or any of our flavour range) to soften and then stir in your own desired flavour ingredients – that might be fruit sauces or jams for your own sweet ripples, sweeties for your children (or your own inner child), chocolate, biscuits, liqueurs...or whatever else might take your fancy!


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