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Please join us - so that we can talk to you and so that you can have your say! Just complete our short registration form to join the "Friends of Mackie's" email club. We'll then be able to keep you informed - about new products, farm activity and new offers. We'd also like to ask what you think about Mackie's products (and anything else we do!) so that we can do our best to improve.


We hope that you'll find it interesting and enjoyable - indulgent treats should be fun! You'll receive some exclusive offers and surprises along the way - which includes some taste test opportunities and ice cream and chocolate gifts for a lucky selection of fully registered friends each month.


So, please complete the full form to become a friend, the information requested is designed to help us send you information which is useful and relevant. There are no strings attached to our friendship - it's a nice win win situation! You enjoy ice cream, chocolate (crisps are on our other site) and we enjoy your company and trade! We do not share your information with other companies and you can unsubscribe at any time.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Privacy Policy

Registration to join Friends of Mackie’s’ Email newsletter club contact for Mackie's Messages

We request the minimum detail of your first name, surname and email address along with your consent to receive email communications from us. This is enough for us to be able to speak to you by email. We store as a mailing list of Friends of Mackie's and we keep in touch by email. We hope to make it interesting.

The purpose is to inform you of new products and new offers and sometimes to ask for your views on our development work. We usually reward any efforts on response with the chance of some free product.

You can unsubscribe at any time – either from the link provided in one of our newsletters or by emailing . We do not share your email details with anyone else.

We do ask you to tell us more about yourself if possible. This means that we can learn about who enjoys our products and try to produce more which may be of interest. We can also work to make our information more relevant - for example you may only want to know about a promotion which is available in the store type you normally visit. Finally, we hope to be able to surprise you now and again – that’s why we ask about your birthday.

Personal data submitted via our website is recorded in the database for the site. If you unsubscribe, we immediately delete the record from the database in the back end of the site.

Children. Registrants should be over 18 years or be made with consent of a parent or guardian. However, parents can be assured that all information issued by Mackie's will be family friendly.

Further detail on how your data is used, stored and how you may unsubscribe at any time is in our Privacy Policy

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