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If you have a favourite ice cream recipe that you haven’t seen on this site, we’d love to hear it! This is your chance to get involved and have your recipe added to our online recipe book.


Simply fill in the details on the form below and submit a pic showcasing your recipe. For all recipes added to the website, we’ll send you a free tub of ice cream and a bar of chocolate — and we’ll reward you with an extra tub or bar if you accompany your recipe with a Mackie’s product in your serving photo.


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We’d love to receive more ideas on how to enjoy ice cream – and spread the joy! This is a recipe area dedicated to desserts. We ask you to help by providing us with more recipe ideas. We need your contact details in order to contact you if we would like to publish your recipe on the website – and to send you a thank you voucher.

We request your first name, surname, email along with the recipe detail and optional image. This information is recorded in the website database and we receive a copy by email.

We read the recipes and your data is used so that we can respond to the submitter if we’d like to use the recipe and publish it in our website recipe book. We would then request further postal detail in order to send you a reward voucher. We do not record or keep this address detail. We will ask your permission to disclose any other information eg whether you want to publish the recipe anonymously or to show with your name or other personal detail. We will also ask you to confirm the source of the recipe.

We delete all personal detail submitted with recipes every six months. We delete the personal data associated with any recipe submission when the agreed format has been published or deleted.

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Raspberry knickerbocker and banana split