Mackie's of Scotland

New Product Development Kitchen’

The new product development kitchen is where we can have real fun – trying out some of our ideas for new products and new flavours. We have a joint team working here on both ice cream and chocolate – and the work is both technical and creative.


‘Blue Sky’ thinking is required to think up and try to make some brand new products which fit the Mackie’s Values. We aim to find at least one great new product every year and also to find some new Big Hairy Audacious Goals – perhaps invent a truly delicious new form of indulgent treat! There are certainly many opportunities to mix our new chocolate into a wider range of confectionery or treats to mix with the ice cream.


We aim to continually improve existing products and check the quality of everything we make  - by taste and by other more technical measures. We love creating new flavours and our staff and then some of our food services customers get to try them first. We then ask a wider taste panel to test the new and existing products – all with the aim to ensure that they are one of the best in the market place.


We are pleased to be working with Abertay University Innovation Centre in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to help further improve our new product development capacity – in research, development and processes.

product kitchen sub pic
product kitchen main pic