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Read on to discover all of Mackie’s new and exciting happenings at the farm and beyond. This section will allow you to find out about Mackie’s exciting projects, new products, ice cream and chocolate flavours, and all our other goings on.


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The ‘sweetie man’ behind our new flavour

“Dundee’s Willy Wonka”, confectionery guru, Derek Shaw, had a ‘serendipitous moment’ while working with us in our sweetie kitchen (making some recipes for ice cream flavouring) here at the farm.


Inspired by a traditional Victorian technique ,of preserving the flavour of citrus fruits with sugarloaves, Derek suggested infusing honeycomb ‘dust’ (a by-product after we sort our  honeycomb pieces for ice cream and chocolate) with natural oils from oranges to create a ‘truly special ingredient’.


A little Oliver secret

Did anyone spot that it looked like Mackie’s ice cream being served up in Episode 7 of Jamie Oliver’s #KeepCookingFamilyFavourites ? - a cheat’s dessert for video nights. You bash up some of your favourite chocolates bars (Buddy’s choice was Maltesers) to coat a lovely ball of your favourite ice “make the everyday fantastic! “ Guess what – we recognize the tub of ice cream & we’re delighted to be a family favourite! The dessert is a great idea too!


NEW Dark & Milk Mini Collection

Look out for our new “MINI COLLECTION” -  this time it’s chocolate! We’ve created a pack with 8 little bars in our four original flavours – Traditional Milk, Honeycomb, Dark and Mint. The collection pack is Ideal as a gift or to keep & share at home! Mackie’s new Chocolate Mini Collection boxes are now available in several Scottish Sainsbury’s stores (£6)

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