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The ‘sweetie man’ behind our new flavour

“Dundee’s Willy Wonka”, confectionery guru, Derek Shaw, had a ‘serendipitous moment’ while working with us in our sweetie kitchen (making some recipes for ice cream flavouring) here at the farm.


Inspired by a traditional Victorian technique ,of preserving the flavour of citrus fruits with sugarloaves, Derek suggested infusing honeycomb ‘dust’ (a by-product after we sort our  honeycomb pieces for ice cream and chocolate) with natural oils from oranges to create a ‘truly special ingredient’.

By taking the Victorian process and fully modernising it we have been able to create something unlike anything else on the market.  We tried the process successfully with various flavours.

Orange was our favourite by far! With a natural and vibrant orange zing, Derek has helped inspire us and find a way to make a special new Mackie’s chocolate bar.  We hope that you will enjoy our new ORANGE milk chocolate – which also has a satisfying hint of crunchiness from the honeycomb.


Derek has kindly said “Mackie’s has done an amazing job of keeping the quality into full production – the samples I’ve tasted have been absolutely top-quality.”


Mackie’s Chocolate Orange will be available in Sainsbury’s and Asda stores across Scotland very soon.


PS Picture was taken pre-covid lockdown times


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