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At Mackie's of Scotland we have our own renewable energy supply. Mackie's first turbine was installed in 2005, with two more added in 2007 and a final larger one installed in 2015. This has been a success as we are fortunate enough to live in the windiest country in Europe, allowing our turbines to make more energy than we use on the farm. We sell our surplus energy back to the grid which is then sold onto customers as green energy.


Mackie's Electricity Monthly Consumption – click to enlarge
Mackie's Electricity Monthly Consumption

As our business has grown, our energy requirement and our energy production capacity has also grown. This graph shows the success of our mix of renewable energy from the wind turbines, our solar PV panels and biomass plant in providing about 70% of the farm's energy and continually reducing the amount we have to buy from the grid.


Wind energy is renewable, economic, safe, and good for the environment, and here at Mackie’s, we’re keen to find new ways to cut our energy consumption alongside our other environmental projects. The addition of a ten acres site of Solar PV Panels in 2015 enables our ice cream company to benefit from the sun in more ways than one! The 6,912 individual panels each with 260W capacity have a total capacity of 1.8 MW. In 2015 a further 400 kW of biomass energy production was added - which heats the office and staff housing on the farm.  A mix of different types of renewable energy makes sense - because they can produce peaks at different times. For example the wind turbines may produce most power on a dark and windy night while the solar panels will work best on sunny spring and summer days. 

Many green initiatives can also benefit our business, for example replacing a freezer with a new more efficient model.

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